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Louis Avanti


Louis Avanti is a New York based event planning expert.


His extensive career started as a commercial videographer and director. His self-founded production company produced 350 commercials for diverse industries as well as national clients such as Chanel, Time Warner, Toyota and many others.


As the industry diversified he was asked to produce event films. This allowed for tremendous insight in the successful creation of weddings. His company produced over 5000 event films and forged strategic partnerships with some of the finest venues,  decorators and caterers in the world.


He founded AMG Events and Visuals to meet the demand by his clients looking for expert planning and management advice. His success was immediately apparent, producing events at top NYC venues and locations,  His work has led him to international locations  Italy, Paris, the Dominican Republic and Mexico.


 His passion for quality, flawless execution, culinary arts, and style has made him one of the most requested planners in the industry.


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